17 February, 2010

Unemployed: Week Three

What to do, what to do?

Sit around and wait for checks to come in the mail?
Mostly. Where are they? Come on EDD, let's do this! Come on!

Say you're going to ride your bike more often, but not really follow through?
Check. Though, I am getting a good amount in. If Mark calls me today, like he said he would, let's do this.

Apply for random jobs online?
Sure, why not. Census people, I'll see you on the 24th. Otherwise, let's get some work with nice pay coming my way. Anyone need some graphic design done well, for a reasonable price?

Play Pong each Weds night?
You bet! The Long Beach Table Tennis Club is a great place to get your ass handed to you by a 72yo senior champion, named Victor. I've met all kinds of great people there in my two weeks of going. Tonight will be my third time in attendance, I can't wait.

Eat shitty frozen food and ramen?
Naturally. I just spent under $20 on food that'll last me a week. This batch of Cuties is a bit tart, though I love them.

Argue with Charter and get free basic cable?
You better believe it! I'm watching the shit out of Kristen Schaal on John Oliver's New York Standup show (a great standup showcase), On Demand is lovely.

Paint, paint and paint some more?
Somewhat, I need to get on it a lot more. That owl needs finishing!

Practice with Dr. Holiday, for upcoming shows?
Somewhat, not this week. No shows for a little while, either.

Blog more?
We'll see. This is a good start.

Fold laundry?
Not nearly quick enough, more like 5 days later. I should get back to that, like now.

More later.

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