28 January, 2008

Happy 50th anniversary LEGO!

I've really been lacking content in this here b-log, I wanted to put up something outlining my start of the New Year, but I lazed. Maybe I'll add that soon, yes even still.

Regardless, back to the title... Happy 50th anniversary LEGO!

LEGOs were a huge part of my upbringing. I can easily attribute my early desire to be an astronaut or architect to playing with LEGOs for so long. I remember getting the space shuttle set for Christmas one year and being so excited to put it together. The countless hours I spent building and creating all kinds of different LEGO creations were a keystone in my childhood. By 14 or 15 I knew I had to move on, so gave my huge collection to my little brothers. They are now just outgrowing them, but do we ever really outgrow something as awesome as LEGOs? I doubt it.

Happy birthday LEGOs!