15 November, 2007

My Life In 200 Questions...

200. My middle name is:
Patrick. Wanna fight about it?

199. I was born in:

198. I am really:
Bummed about getting another double dose of lame tickets (no front license plate + blocking street sweeper)

197. My cell phone company is:

196. My eye color is:
Hazel and ever changing.

Wow, we're only a few in and already missing a question? I'll make one up: 195. What was the last picture you took?
I took 396 pictures of Class 117 in action at El Camino Fire Academy yesterday, good times.

194. My ring size is:
Unkown to me.

193. My height is:

192. i am alligeric to?
Cats, dust and dust mites. They also said dogs, but I've never experienced any reactions.

191. I was born:
Fat and naked on the 18th of April, 1983.

190. I am annoyed by:
Incorrect grammar. Like the lower case i in question 192.

189. Last book you read:
Read? I'm not sure. But I'm working on Ernest Hemingway's Garden Of Eden. The other day I read Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead vol. 7, but that's a trade paperback. I need to go buy 1-4 again. I miss them :(

188. My bed is:
Getting more and more comfortable. A mattress topper is next.

187: One thing you hate about yourself:
Packrattedness. (Where'd that : come from quiz?)

Oh man, we're missing 186-180! Whoever wrote this quiz was l-a-z-y. My additions will be italicized...

186. Which of your fingers would you chop off first? Assuming you had to of course.

I'd say goodbye to my left pinky. Goodbye pinky...

185. Would you make out with one of your cousins if no one would ever find out about it?
No, none of my cousins. Sorry guys.

184. Where would you take your grandmother for lunch? Remember, you're paying...
She and I like to eat at Sarducci's in San Juan Capistrano at the depot. It's delicious.

183. What is the last thing you'd expect your dad to say to you?
"Hey Chris, wanna borrow some more money?"

182. How is your dad? If he isn't with us anymore, how do you think he'd be enjoying this day?
He's doing alright despite just being diagnosed with level 2 diabetes. We're going to have dinner tonight. Hopefully we'll talk some more about some of the guns he's had for years, which I was clueless about.

181. Ever been to the driving range?
Yes, a few times. I used to live near Costa Mesa Country Club and had a set of clubs. I never played actual rounds of golf, but hit many a ball.

180. What is your favorite type of sandwich?
Fresh baked bread, ground mustard, provolone cheese, crisp lettuce, juicy firm tomatoes, and a few different types of meat. Delicious...

179. My favorite holiday is:
I love them all, really I do. Even today's.

177. The last cd I bought was?
Oh wow, I can't remember. How sad.

Question 176 is also missing, so: Have you ever been on top of a mountain? Not just a hill, a mountain...
I've been at the peaks of some smaller buttes, but I don't know if they'd classify as mountains.

175. Are you living at home?
I call it home. So yes.

174. Do you have any siblings:
3 brothers. They're good people.

173. Are your parents divorced
Yes sir.

172. What song are you listening to?
MC Paul Barman's Anarchist Bookstore part 2.

171. What's your favorite line in it?
"'cause it's wrong to rape a slut, it's wrong to penetrate the papercut where an origami truck scraped her butt."

170. What did you do today:
I woke up, took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, kissed a gal, petted a dog, drove a bunch, went to a closed store, then got to work. Here I am now, wondering what happened to the punctuation at the end of the last 3 questions that I didn't make up...

WOW, now we're missing 169-143! How on earth did that happen?

169. When did you start this questionnaire?

On Monday, around noonish.

168. What should you have been doing instead of this?
Well, I am at work, so I should be doing work things.

167. How old are your parents?
My mom is 57 and my dad is 59, almost 60. Olduns.

166. What is a phrase you constantly say that doesn't make any sense?
I add "uns" and "uals" to a lot of words. Like for a puppy, I'd call it a "puppun" and like in the previous question "Olduns". I also call my pets "petuals". Etc...

165. Have you ever quit a job?
I quit my first job at Party City by writing my 2 weeks notice on a balloon order sheet. It was a very sarcastic "order". The last job I (sorta) quit was the Marriott, but I was kinda forced to.

164. When's the last time you sneezed?
Just now, not sure why. I hope it's not the super aids.

163. What is your stance on facial hair?
I'm very much for it, and lots of it. Have you ever seen my dad?

162. Is there a word that makes you cringe?
MOIST is a disgusting word.

161. How are you at algebra?
I can do it well, but never the right way. My teachers always hated that.

160. Now what song is playing?
CONVERGE - Love As Arson.

159. Are you physically fit?
I have a gut. Tomorrow I'll join 24-hour fitness and lose it all. Then I will win the challenge-off.

158. Which one of your friends would you never let meet your parents?
Never? That must mean it would have to be someone that hasn't. In that case, I would never let you meet my mom and dad. You're a bad influence, and I can't be seen around you with them. Sorry, it just has to be this way. I'm sorry.

157. Anything hurting at the moment?
I have a canker sore in my mouth, it sucks. I keep toungin' it and that's no good.

156. What are you currently happy about? Not something that you're always happy about, something recent...
I finally fixed my iTunes, so that it'll recognize my iPod. After I upgraded to iTunes 7.4.2 it wouldn't recognize. I had to uninstall it, then reinstall a few other versions. Now all I'm missing is my play counts. That does suck a bit though...

155. Do you have a tablet?
I do not, but I really want one. I bet I'd draw some crazy shit. Hint hint people, Christmas is coming up...

154. Have you ever been a victim of identity theft?
Yes, well no. But I did have some credit card fraud. They took like $800+, that sucked.

153. Would you like to see a bald eagle with a beard?
Yes, but I'm afraid it will make me go blind due to it's awesomeness.

152. What's the most fragrant thing around?
My feet are a little more ripe than I'd like them to be. I am gonna go wash up soon (as you can tell, I'm not at work for this one...).

151. What did you last have for dinner?
I ate some leftovers from Lucille's BBQ. They were good, but not as good as when fresh.

150. 50 down, how ya doing?
Well since I did this in an awkward order, I've been exhausted for a while on it. That's why I didn't finish on Monday (it's 1205am Thursday now).

149. I know you watch it, so what is the title of the last porn vid you watched?
I believe it was called "Streptease" and it had nothing to do with a sore throat unfortunately.

148. Which one of your friends has the coolest name?
Linus. Hands down, he has the coolest name.

147. What's the last thing you built?
I'm working on my humidor right now. I'm not really building it as much as I am preparing it and putting it together. I'm excited.

146. What's the oddest smell you like?
Besides my own brand? Green soap, gasoline, fresh cut grass, thinkin' grass, etc. Especially etc.

145. What was the last package you received?
Mu humidor came in Tuesday.

144. Have you ever opened someone else's mail?
Yes, take me to jail.

143. Have you ever sent someone a message or note that said "143"?
Yes, I believe in Jr. High. LAME.

::I Believe In:::

142. Love at first sight:
I guess these are going to be true or false answers now... False.

141. Good Luck:
True, but also karma.

140. Fate:
Very much so true.

139. Yourself:

138. Aliens:
Sure do, they scare me.

137. Heaven:

136. Hell:
With heaven comes hell, yes.

135. Ghosts:
Also true.

134. Horoscopes:
False, those are lame.

133. Soul mates:
I hate that term, false.

:::Which is Better:::

132. Jebus or Dog?
Praise Jebus. Screw that bounty hunter.

131. Hotmail or Hot Males?
Hotmail, no wait: Gmail, no: gmunk.com (no joke, really. Go check it out, it's amazing design).

130. This or That?
I use that as a fake email address all the time: this@that.com.

129. Hugs or Kisses:
Both at the same time.

128. Fire or Ice?
I just watched Blades of Glory tonight, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be.

127. Phone or Online:
Online. I have time to think about what I'm gonna say. I can't talk very well sometimes, I don't know why.

126. Chicks or Pups?
Chicks smell. I knew a gal who had a few.

125. Blondes or Brunettes:

124. Hot or cold:

123. Summer or winter:
I like them all, but winter more.

122. Fall or Spring:
Both equally.

121. Chocolate or vanilla:
Depends on the mood.

120. Night or Day:
I like the night time, but hate a wasted day.

119. Oranges or Apples:

118. Curly or Straight hair:
The hair that works.

117. Good questions or Bad one?
Mine (in italics, let's keep it goin'...).

I think what's missing here is something like: :::Have you ever:::

116. Abortion:
I'd make a decision if I have to. Until then, I'll stay out of it.

115. Backstabbers:
Not really.

114. Had food?
I have had food before, I love that stuff.

113. Seen a grown man naked?
Too many times.

112. Heard the wolf cry to a blue corn moon?
I haven't, but that doesn't mean I won't if I get the chance.

111. ...or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned?
No, we get it...

110. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains??

109. Sorry. Ok, have you ever eaten a live insect?
Just a few weeks ago at Six Flags. I ate a night-crawler and a habaƱero pepper at the same time.

108. Tried to drink a gallon of milk?
I watched a lot of my friends try, no one could. They all puked. I was a wuss, and didn't like puking, so I passed.

107. Did you regret that?
Passing? Yes and no, I wish I had tried. Although, I'm glad I didn't have to puke up a bunch of milk.

106. Fired an automatic weapon?
No dammit, someone please help me change that. Miller?...

105. aswnerd an queston that lookked lyk dis?
Yeah, I hate those ones. They really get on my nerves. I mean, O yah, Dose R da BizOmB!

104. Contemplated suicide during the taking of this quiz?
No. But I have thought about just giving up. Too many people are waiting though and I can't let them down.

103. Nailed a hot board?
I hope some people read "Have you ever nailed a hot broad?". I have nailed warm boards in the summer time, yes.

102. Piled into a bed with 4 of your closest friends?
Yes, and I do miss those days. Tim? What do you say we get the ol' gang back together?

101. Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile:
This question is put together all kinds of incorrectly. Yes, I have seen many people that I haven't seen in a while.

100. Cried in front of someone:

:::Friends::: was missing here, so were 99-91.

99. Do you think any of your friends are still reading this?
I doubt it, even the people that care are probably just skimming looking for their name. I know I do it. How vain am I? Who cares, we're HALF WAY!

98. Which of your friends have passed out in your front or back yard?
Opie. David too, but technically it's his front yard as well.

97. Which one of your friends have you known the longest?
Mark D. He's old school, even though we never went to the same school once.

96. Have any of your friends ever made art of/for you?
Charlie took a few photos of me, then gave them to me. They are nice. There are also some cool computer art pieces done by various people that I rather enjoy. There are also a few funny quick sketches on the surfboard and random drawing nights, I can't think of anything else.

95. What is the next event you are looking forward to with your friends?
I'd love to say campies, but I can't go this year due to tour starting up the Saturday after Mr. T-giving. I have a new shotgun and everything, dang! I don't know what's next.

94. Name a song, and a friend it makes you think of?
Not Without A Purpose, Not Without A Fight by the Street Dogs. It makes me think of Opie because we talked about it via text the other day.

93. Find something nearby that a friend has given you and tell us about it:
AW gave me a tattoo machine and some equipment. I put a bunch of money into it, and did a few. Now I'm scared to touch it until I get some proper training.

92. Who's the last friend (non sig-other/hookup) to sleep in your bed?
Maybe David, but I'm not sure. Could be Gilbert.

91. Any friend you haven't seen in a while?
Too many, it's sad.

90. Who is the ditziest person you know:
Alexis can be, even though she's terribly smart.

89. Who makes you laugh the most:
Vince is the funniest person I know. But it's too bad he doesn't hang around more. It's probably Celina.

88. Who makes you laugh the least?
I've got some funny friends, even David Reed sometimes (despite what Adam said). Least? I guess the ones that talk to me the least.


87. The last movie I saw:
FIDO. It was ok...

86. Worst movie you've seen that other people like?
KING KONG, that was a steaming pile of shit.

85. Best movie for making out to?
Boring chick flicks.

84. Worst turnout in a theater?
I saw Mr. Bean's movie by myself in the theater when I was little. I had major ADD and started running around and yelling at the screen.

83. Last movie you recommended someone not see?
BUG. Dont' see it.


82. What I don't understand is:
How those little flippy wood things (that the Mexicans sell) work.

81. What was the last thing you said to your significant other/crush?
In person... "Don't forget to take your crabby cracklins."
In text... "Well shoot, I figure you'll get a few. Even if I have to send them myself."

80. Where were you on September 11th?
I was at work. I remember writing something about how the delivery guy forgot it was 9/11. Or did you mean 2001?

79. Did you answer as if I was asking about 2001?
No. I referred to this year.

78. What is 120894-8422? No calculators...

Geez, uhh...

- 8422

I hope that's right.

77. I have never eaten a:?
...living human baby.

76. Something I always really miss is:
People I haven't seen in a while, CDs that were borrowed and never given back, Old TV shows, the pins during gutterballs and strikes (baseball)

75. The thing that I'm looking forward to the most:
Tour's coming up, that should be fun.

74. The thing that I'm not looking forward to is:
Shortage of $$$ during the holidays. I hope that doesn't happen this year.

73. Tomorrow:
I'm going to a screening of the new Guy Ritchie movie RocknRolla.

72. Today:
I am gonna eat some food now, then drive home and dine with my dad.

71. Next Summer:
I don't know what's in store for me. Maybe I'll move to a new place.

70. Next Weekend:
Nothing big planned. Maybe shoot a gun off.

69. Next Year:
Maybe I'll be done with this quiz.

68. Last year:
I started it.

67. People call me:
On my telephone.

66. Pick something in the room with you and tell the story behind it:
There's a rad little Asian looking mask with a blue beard. I got it at a party themed "Why We Create" from the gift table. It reminded me of my dad. He hadn't seen it until Monday when Celina asked if I'd shown him. It skipped my mind, so she ran and got it. We all got a good laugh.

65. What's the closest patriotic item to you?
Oh man, being the patriot I am, I've got plenty: An eagle's bust not made from Obsidian, an American flag du-rag, my desktop background is an Eagle with a beard, and I've got a shotgun. Why is that patriotic? 2nd AMENDMENT BITCH!

64. What are your views on dandruff?
I get it lightly on occasion, mostly when the air gets to be dry.

63. Are you scared of clowns?
Yes, but not extremely. I watched a sweet compilation of scenes from the movie IT the other day thanks to Pat's bulletin powers.

62. Do you know anyone that says "are you ascared?"?
I grew up around a lot of Mexicans that said that. I thought that was how it was spelled for a while. That last part isn't true, but still...

61. I'm just sayin'?
No. I'm just sayin'!

60. The most difficult thing to do is:
Lose my gut. Although, I haven't really tried much. I am in a challenge off with AW, and will lose it before Christmas. I'm joining the gym Thursday.

59. I have gotten a speeding ticket:
Not recently, but I have gotten 2 lame ones on the same night.

58. Do you have any bad tattoos?
Only ones I've given myself.

57. What's the nicest hotel you have ever stayed in?
Ooh, that's a tough one. I've been to a few good ones... Ritz Carlton in Henderson, NV. The Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ. Hotel 71 in Chicago, IL. Those are the best 3 I can think of at the moment.

56. Ever seen a car accident?
MANY! I love to catch them. I can't even list how many I've seen. I will say though, when I was little I saw an old lady's brakes go out on her car, she crashed into the steps at Whittier High School and die. I walked up to the car and saw her hunched over her steering wheel bleeding. Since then, blood hasn't frightened me.

55. The first person i talked to today was:
Este Celinas.

54. First time you had a crush:
When I was a little ass chump kid probably.

53. The one person who i can't hide things from:

52. Last time someone said something you were thinking:
The other day Celina and I were singing the Cranberries song from the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack, then we went to blockbuster and it came right on.

53. Right now im talking to?
Whoa now, this is number 51, not 53. We already did 53. Way to put a "?" at the end of this one instead of a ":". Coworkers.

52. Is there anything hanging nearby?
A sweet Jeremy Fish hoodie that two friends of mine (Anastasia Nelson and George Johnson) gave to me. It's getting colder, time to wear it!

51. What is the last thing you framed?
A print out of some Sailor Jerry flash I got on eBay. I finally found an 11" x 14" frame today at some shitty dollar store.

50. What is your dream job?
Get paid to be me... ON CAMERA!

49. First real job?
Party City, that was fun for a few months.

48. I have/will get a job:
I have a job. You are right.

47. I have these pets:
Goldie Hawn (Golden Tree Frog) and Kurt Russell (Red-legged Leopard Frog) as well as Richard and Arnold (Corn Snakes).

46. I wish:
Everything would go how I wanted it to. But that's not fair.

45. The worst sound in the world:
The cry of a mother that lost her child.

44. The person that makes me cry the most is:
Myself probably. That's not that often though.

43. Best sound in the world:
Sizzling steaks.

42. What do you think about the gays?
I love when people refer to them as "the gays".

41. Do you like video games?
I do, but I'm not all about the,.

40. If you are drinking something currently, what are you drinking it from?
One of Jake's old glasses. This one's from Motive Gear Performance.

39. Something that makes you happy:

38. What's the last thing to startle you?
Goldie Hawn just jumped after a cricket and it spooked me. She's crushing it with her eyes now, frogs are so cool.

37. Anything amusing nearby?
Arnold has taken residence on top of the temperature and humidity gauges. I think he took a liking to them when I put him back in the terrarium last week after feeding. He's quite partial now.

36. How do you like sneezes?
I think they are annoying. But I know a gal that loves them. Like, LOVES them. Coo-koo...

35. Florida or Hawaii:
This one was probably supposed to have been up in the "this or that" category... I've only been to FL, but I'm certain HI is way better.

34. What are your views on the war in my pants?
It's a never ending struggle between the boys. I can't do anything about it but let them duke it out.

33. My favorite piece of clothing:
I don't really know. I am partial to my Florida shirt with the kick ass shark on it, but that's falling apart.

32. You're surrounded by aborigines, what would you like to have handy?
The ability to call lightning bolts down from the heavens. Aborigines eat that shit up.

31. Last time I cried:
I can't recall.

30. My friends are:

29. My computer is:
Slower as time goes on.

28. The school I go to is:
A mystery to me.

27. Last person I got mad at is:
those kids that had a death wish yesterday.

26. Boring questions are:
Ones not asked in italics.

25. How many times have you thought about giving up?
About 104. That's more than half, but like I said, people are counting on me.

24. Croutons?
I love them. Mrs. Cubbisons.

23. What is an albatross? Answer in a rhyme, don't copy the person before you.
A giant bird, and a cool word.

22.The all-time best movie is:
Well to me, it's Life Is Beautiful. To IMDB it is the Godfather.

21. The all-time best feeling in the world is:
Being loved.

20. The all-time greatest failure is?
A lot of people will say Presican't George W. Bush. I will too, just because of the kick-ass Presican't name I just made up. I'm gonna Google it now to make sure no one else has used it. Then I'm gonna copyright that shit by posting it on my own blog. Dammit, two people got to it before I could. Who cares, I'm gonna make it golden.

Those 2 people:

Arson Is Easy Posted: 01/25/07 11:11 am on http://www.bostonpunk.org
"I hate fox 25 news...one of the biggest spin doctor news teams ever. I mean, they jump on the bandwagon now with lashing out at our illustrious presican't...but before that, they were all about him. Nevermind the fear mongering that they are terrible for.

There aren't that many places to get good news from these days...but they are definitely on the top of my list as sucky."


seashell :-) Sun, 11/04/07 1:20 am on www.blogforamerica.com

"The dumbing down of presidents...
Reagan thinking Buenos Aires is in Boliva
cheney thinking Chavez is prez of Peru.
Another radical idea I have is to have a presidential school for aspirants. They would have to pass stringent tests...like....is Chile in

a- China
b- Iceland
c- South American

The essay: Why I want to be presican't."

19. What are you immediate plans following this questionnaire?
Post on blog and outerspace, then brush teeth and sleep. Probably call the broadual in between there sometime.

18. Do you know anyone born on the 18th of any month?
ME! April 18th!

17. I lose all respect for people who:
Partake in any scat related activities.

16. The movie I cried at was:
The KINGDOM, but I really only teared up, didn't really cry.

15. Have you seen any good bumper stickers lately?
I saw one that was clever. A political one that said (just like this):

George Bush sucks dick
Cheney too

14. TV channels you watch:
Comedy Central.

13. Favorite web site:
Scrabulous on Facebook.

12. I like/love:
A girl you probably feel I mention too much. Well jog on, I love her.

11. The worst pain I was ever in was:
Being upside down with my fingers stuck in a recliner chair.

10. My favorite word is

9. My room is:
Getting cleaner, and more organized slowly but surely.

8. My favorite celebrity is:
I really don't care about celebrities much, although I do admire many famous people. I choose not to answer.

7. Are there any phrases you'd like to use more often?
"Jog on", "legend" and "I'm just sayin'...". Even though I use the latter often enough.

6. Now that you're almost done, how long has this taken you?
Well... look if you look at the publish date, it's wrong. I really finished around quarter to 2 early Thursday morning.

5. My weakness is:
Good food + cheap beer.

4. What I like/first notice about the opposite sex is?
Depends on how I see them first.

3. Who broke your heart:
Who cares, that's all done with.

2. One thing that makes you feel great is:
Things going well.

1. The one person that you wish you could see right now:
I'll see her tonight, so I'm good.

07 November, 2007

Sometimes the clientelle at a Taco Bell is better than the food...

Today, for lunch, I frequented the Laguna Beach Taco Bell off PCH and Cleo. I do this on a weekly basis, and always have a good time people watching when I dine in. Today's main attraction right off the bat was a gaggle of loud mouth little indie chicks with bad hairdos and facial piercings.

"I fucking hate being short. Well I'm not really short, but you know."

No, I don't know. Keep it down.

I ordered my usual (re)Meximelt with jalapeno sauce, 7-layer burrito (evenly layered) and an odd choiced enchirito. Once my order was up, I set out for seating, avoided the little broads and sat on the other side of the room. To my left was the next attraction: two of your average dutchmn, one a little moreso than the other. They sounded like tourists, not by any accent or anything, but just because the pale whities in CA don't talk like these guys...

(In all seriousness, no joke intended) "Yeah, he tries to call me sometimes. Have you seen his baby momma?"

Don't get me wrong, the usual characters were there too: we had the timid caucasian family "out to lunch", the creepy older guy in the white shirt with the stretched out sleeve holes (of course, that sat a little too close to the gaggle of girls) and the friend or family member (I can never tell) of at least one of the employees. I envy those ones, they always get hooked up.

Last, and certainly not a bit least was the middle aged guy that looked as if he might've just recently gotten laid off. His attire aimed for business casual with his white-collared shirt and slacks, but the CROCS on his feet with grey socks and the faded acid-wash purple hat on his head said "I'm gonna look for a job tomorrow." I really paid no nevermind to him when he entered, but it was after he received his food did he come into the frame. He wanted a fork, simply a fork. Of course to anyone that's been to Taco Bell, they know there are no forks, only the almighty spork. He looked where the sporks were located and turned back. He asked the cashier for a fork, the cashier quickly retorted.

"We don't have forks." he said.

"I know, that's why I came to you." The man replied.

"We only carry sporks."

"Well you only have spoons. No more forks."

"Those are sporks, we don't have normal forks."

Then the man walked off silently, picked up one of the said sporks, and walked back to his seat with a defeated and embarassed look on his face.

All in all, today the clientelle was better than the food.