12 March, 2010

I'm in Chicago, it's not that windy.

Landed here around 1130 or so, got to the hotel, then proceeded to visit The Wiener's Circle on account that Ricky had seen it on tv.

It was about a mile's hike to this late night eatery. Walking thru Lincoln Park on a brisk night, just missing the rain, we were hungry. A few of us had an idea of what we were in store for, but not all of us.

As we entered the dirty little hot dog stand, we were instantly enveloped into the free flowing "motherfuckers this, pussy juice that" and every other derogatory slur possible. One drunken loudmouth kept yelling at the cashier, asking/demanding for his chocolate shake (apparently, perfectly acceptable behavior).

Ignoring him, I ordered my polish dog with everything, cheese fries and an orange soda. I waited patiently, even in the midst of all the chaos. Right before
I received my food, the loudmouth got his shake. He handed over a $20 and saw some chocolate shake, that's for sure...

The polish dog was good, but I think a regular hot dog benefits better from all the fixins. The cheese fries were gnarly, gritty and better off eaten without the cheese.

I will probably never go back, but it was worth a shot.

Tomorrow, a possible lunch at Fogo De Chao, and at least one dog from Wrigleyville!

Oh yeah, a show at the Metro, too.