30 September, 2009

Why is it that...

...15 years+ later I'd be watching The State for the first time? I'm not mad, I probably wouldn't have understood the jokes in my youth anyway. But seriously, why did it take so long to finally get onto DVD?

That said, thank you The State and everybody involved Without you, my night would've been much more sober and without laughter. I love you.


28 September, 2009

I'd like you to know...

If I'm not busy posting here, it's because I'm busy posting over at Yo Blogga Blogga!

Check it out, there's a lot if my photography, my favorite Photo Of The Day was today's. Look it up, you'll like it.

24 September, 2009

17 September, 2009

16 September, 2009

I skipped yesterday, but with good cause.

I've been working 11-12 hour days the last few weeks, it's not bad, really, but it's making a dent in going out.

I heard that a few people were going to see the KILLERS yesterday; sounded like fun, I thought. Then I heard that Mariachi El Bronx was opening for them; AWESOME! I had to make it happen. Luckily enough, I talked to my buddy Hud just in time and got on the list.

The rest of the work-day was a blur, I hurried all about trying my best to finish up and leave so I'd make it to the show on time. Mariachi El Bronx started at 830pm, so I didn't have much time.

630pm, tried my best to get a
Yo Blogga Blogga daily post up and pack my stuff. I was out the door by 645. First, I raced home to wash up and change my clothes. I did so in record time and hurried off to the Bren Center in Irvine. Traffic was quick and painless, parking wasn't bad either. I hurried my way to the entrance and made my way inside.

I got to the pit area about 3min before they started. Mariachi El Bronx played a great set, I loved every minute of it. It was funny seeing a mariachi band all spread across a giant stage like that, but they still sounded great. I'd love to see them all cramped inside a little bar or cantina.

Once they were done, I walked around for a bit, hoping to spot a coworker or 19. I was standing in the food line when I spotted Jon, but wasn't able to make any contact. After all that I lost him. Then I went in to get a good spot. The pit area was full and closed off, so I hung out up top, eating my Dibs.

Alright, so Dibs make you thirsty as hell, right? I went to get some water outta the fountain and saw Tyler and Quang. I was stoked, I wouldn't be alone any longer. Then everyone started piling in on the action: Hud, Scott, Ruth, Marissa, Jay, Parker, Adam, Jordan, Heather, Ben and his wife and even more! We all went in, tried to figure out some seats, but ended up sitting against the wall. Finally we hit the top row, right on the bar and just leaned it the entire night.

The KILLERS were really good, their stage was incredible and they played all the hits. Hot Fuss really got it's dues paid that night. There were pyrotechnics, lights and lazers, confetti and even a few sips from Marissa's SKYY. I was stoked, the night turned out to be a greeat one and we all had an awesome time.

After the show, we put on some after show passes and were escorted through various waiting areas until we got to see a few band members off. Some of the Jacobs brothers are old friends of the Drummer, Ronnie, he was a nice dude.

A few of us grabbed some late-night In 'N Out before heading home. All-in-all, a good night.

14 September, 2009

I've never tried riding a unicycle...

...until today.

What a tough feat to accomplish. Dan Kelley makes it look so easy, I make it look probable, though can easily turn impossible.

So there I was. All set to go, bam. I hit the floor. That would only happen twice my whole series of tries.

I was able to almost get going a few times. My preference was that of the organic nature, no holding onto anything for me. Also, that'd make for more room to fall and a less likely chance of splitting my noggin open on a table's corner.

Go watch Point Break, RIP Swayze. I need to do some laundry and eat my lefties.

Whoa, tangent. Screw it, I'm ending this on that note. Priorities.


Oh yeah, congrats to the new Robles'!

11 September, 2009


...never forget.

10 September, 2009

I was a young man once...

It's true, really. I haven't always been this bearded, statuesque man-squat you know and love.

Look at this guy:Young, handsomely dressed, full of sprite, still able to climb a tree...

Thanks for the memories AW.


Circa 2002.

09 September, 2009

Today I flew, shot and killed all at once.

1. Flew (off the table).
2. Shot (this amazing aerial photo).
3. Killed (it).

Good times today at work.


08 September, 2009

It's been almost 11 months since I posted anything...

Pretty bad, I know. Not that anyone reads, but still.

I've been inspired by some really entertaining blogs, so I am going to try to commit to posting something up every (week/work) day. I'd say everyday, but really, I don't even like turning my computer on anymore when I'm at home.

Be on the lookout...


See you.