11 December, 2007

I'm so glad I own this...

Heima by Sigur Rós

Buy it, rent it, watch it. It's fantastic.


Chipotle 7 days a week?!

I've had Chipotle for the last 4 days, I think I'm going for a 5th tonight. Maybe a 6th and 7th are also in the works. A week straight of Chipotle, I thought I could only dream up such a grandiose idea, never actually do it.

Day 1. - Carnitas burrito with black beans, rice, sour cream, cheese and tomatillo green salsa.
Day 2. - Chicken burrito with black beans, rice, fajita veggies, sour cream, cheese and tomatillo green salsa.
Day 3. - Carnitas burrito bol with black beans, rice, sour cream, cheese and tomatillo green salsa.
Day 4. - Chicken Quesadilla with pinto beans, rice, cheese, sour cream and tomatillo green salsa on top.
Day 5. - (today) Steak burrito bol with black beans, rice, sour cream, cheese and a mix of pico de gallo & tomatillo red salsa.
Days 6 & 7 uncertain...

I can't wait.


05 December, 2007

I looked to the right, then it happened...

Last night I was hanging out on the deck with a certain Ms. Hajek at the Reyjek residence. I looked to the right to see about a noise I heard and that's when I felt it. For the first time in over 3 years of having it, I snagged my nape piercing good enough to actually pull it through my neck.

It sounds really really bad, but is actually a little less so, I haven't had the right side flat in for over 2 weeks. I lost it and haven't been able to replace it yet. I seemed to have misplaced my bag of replacement balls.

The jewelry got caught on a frayed tag inside my Paul Frank Aquabats sweatshirt. Because of my looking right, it tugged just perfectly enough to drag the piece through my nape.

Basically it was this type of jewelry coming out of the left side of my nape:

It all happened so quickly, but I knew something was up. I stood there stunned and took off the hoodie slowly. Eliza looked at me funny as I oddly moved my hoodie around. I found the jewelry still attached to the fray and walked inside.

Still in shock I showed Celina and Anthony, Celina made the biggest reaction. Most likely because she's snagged her own nape piercing a few times. We ran off to the restroom and I attempted to put it back in. I had no intentions of taking it out, so I wasn't going to let it heal up that night.

I think putting it back in felt worse than it coming out. Since the bar is curved with 2 rounded 90 degree angles, I had to push through the thicker part through. That wasn't all that fun, but also not as bad as I thought it could be. Bleeding was minimal throughout this entire ordeal, I was surprised about that. I got it most of the way through but was having a hard time finding the exit with the angled end. After a few seconds of searching, I did and was relieved. Putting it back in took less than a minute, but it felt longer.

Afterwards my neck was a little swollen around the nape area, and sensitive to the touch. Celina said the right hole looked a little stretched, but otherwise ok. Things are going well today, but damn it I need to find my replacement ends.