11 September, 2007



...is a phone number that was dialed countless times 6 years ago.

I read (present tense) and read (past tense) a lot bumper stickers, myspace.com banners and auto decals that say "never forget". I've even seen people with that phrase tattooed on their bodies, but I'm sure a lot of you today were thinking to yourself "Oh yeah, it's 9/11..." I know I did, even the DHL guy that came in said he kept forgetting what day it is until he had to write it down.

My stance on the events of 9/11/01 is not in the norm, probably because I was across the country and lost no one because of it. I like the fact that America stands together remembering the 2,973 people killed on that day, but things like that happen all over the world. The US has been responsible for horrific acts as unsettling, if not moreso as what happened in New York City that morning. On 8/6/45 and 8/9/45, the US dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing instantly over 110,000 people, and in the long-run as many as 340,000. Why is it that we don't remember those days?

Written by Dr. William A. Cook, here is a well written piece on the innocent victims of both those dates and more. I agree with what he has to say, and I think you should take a look.

Remember the ones we lost today, but don't forget what others have lost as well.


Anyone still have that picture of Richard in front of the Twin Towers?