09 November, 2009

Life is so lifey.

A lot of happenings around here. Can't get into everything, but all is or will be well.

Work is going great and I do hope our work blog gets some hits, because it's worth taking a look at. http://brobee.blogspot.com just incase you forgot.

I need to make this blog a habit. It's pretty boring, I know, sorry.

I'll step up my game soon. I wish i could post more awesome photos that I get to take at work. Someday...

Why is it that...

...15 years+ later I'd be watching The State for the first time? I'm not mad, I probably wouldn't have understood the jokes in my youth anyway. But seriously, why did it take so long to finally get onto DVD?

That said, thank you The State and everybody involved Without you, my night would've been much more sober and without laughter. I love you.