15 February, 2008

"Your brother’s on the phone, he says it’s an emergency."

That explained the call that I had previously silenced in my pocket while sitting in on a meeting. It was an inevitable call I had been expecting for the last week...

Rest In Peace Guadalupe "Lou" Partida, I will always love you. Hopefully your last memory of me was a good one. The last 6-7 years she'd been hit pretty hard with Alzheimer's, so it's tough to say what her last memory of me was. Especially if hidden down in her subconscious.

The last few years I've been kicking myself for not sacking up and visiting her. I have always had a uncomfortable resistance to visiting elderly homes and hospitals. The last time I was able to see my grandma was 12-24-05.

It was Christmas Eve, and I was so happy to see her. Unfortunately she wasn't able to remember who I was without a little coaching. We shared a good night in each other's company and I'm glad to know that my last words to her conveyed that I love her.

Grandma Lou, you were a beautiful person; inside and out. Go see grandpa, see you later.

Love always,