04 March, 2012

Best idea of the night...

A friend lost her voice, she was using her phone to communicate via text, but it started to die. I offered mine up, but on one condition: no deleting the conversations. Here is the undoctored register:

I'm a light weight

I will eventually 

Just let me not be a drunk bitch for one night out of my life, ok?

I mean: when I'm not at Gabba, I'm a different person 

I can't but thank you 

I'm pretty tipsy enough 

I know 

This is my life 

I've had nothing but Whiskey all night, no way dude 

I've made my bed and now I have to sleep in it 

How was the rest of your night?

Haha, pretty good actually, after breaking down and then ditching the gear, I caught a case of pancakes with Matt Gorney and Ian +5 people

That sounds great! Tell them I said hi. I'll wait: the guys it was a joke

Don't humor me


You're the worst 

Yes, this is the future btw. 
People texting while sitting next to one anoth

I look forward to it. At least you have a choice. 

You missed a CRAZY dance party 

Me, celina, adolpho, random bar dude 

What was style of moves brought?

Like 20% arms moving, and 80% ass. Good proportion for dancing 

This bar guy tried dancing with us but it was 100% ass and well - it just didn't work out 

Are you going to read all this tomorrow? Great, I love it 

You're gonna get all the dirt then 

What? That was to Chris cause he said he was gonna read all this tomorrow 

The operation went great, doctor said it should grow back to half the size in a couple years

That's great! Any word on that magician's license you're working on? And did she really go down in3 bullets? That seems a bit much to me..

It seems like Merlin was the ultimate wizard, I mean, he kind of makes dumbledore look like a puss

Well dumbledore was a puss, but that was just his sexual lifestyle 

If I do the math, Tom hanks has done more movies about Tom hanks than about being stranded on an island with a volleyball named Wilson, ... But it's close

Well you had me at Tom hanks, you know the guy from bachelor party?

You're a really good woo girl. Almost TOO good

I was in a sorority 

Everything makes sense now 

You're just making people dance around you?

You encourage him by being so nice 

Next time pee on his legm

You know what I've called you to Erin? America's cheerleader 

You're always so positive and encouraging of people. Don't sweat it that especially 

That's what makes it greater, the fact that you don't realize it 

What do you wanna write 

Yeah, but you're not really hanging out, you're just having people dance next to you...

You're stealing my lines. And maybe you're having people dance next to you and then occasionally flirty dance with Partida 

I mean. Whatever gets you through 

Partida is one hell of a man, people know that

He's America's cheerleader 

13 July, 2011

My Review of Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool

Originally submitted at REI

With an REI exclusive color, this Leatherman Skeletool combines high performance, a light weight and futuristic, rugged good looks—all stripped down to the bare essence of a microtool.

Neat tool, but pretty weak lava...

By Chris Partida from Whittier, CA on 7/13/2011


2out of 5

Pros: Functional, Convenient size, Neat Design, Perfect Bottle Opener, Basic Tools - No Overkill, Sharp Blade

Cons: Soft Steel On Blade, Lava Red Chips Too Easily, Some Flex In Pliers, Dulls Quickly

Best Uses: Home, EDC, Camping

Describe Yourself: Casual/ Recreational

Was this a gift?: No

I love the design of the Skeletool, and when I saw the REI Exclusive Red version, I jumped on it immediately. That decision turned a bit sour once I noticed that the paint had started to chip off within a month of carrying it daily. Now, about 2.5mos in, with some good usage in the last few days - the paint is nearly gone on the shield over the knife blade. The other side is very spotty.

The blade has it's drawbacks, as it is very soft steel, and will really lose shape with a proper sharpening, especially when touching up the backside of the serration. This is a sad point, as I replaced my EDC blade with the Skeletool, and it lost it's edge rather quick, only to lose it's shape upon sharpening.

The bottle opener is the best I've ever seen, and love to use it.

The bits work out very well, but I think I may have killed my Phillips #1. RIP lil guy, you did great.

I would recommend this tool, but not in any color that is painted on - perhaps if it were anodized or even powder coated.

Where's the lava red?


Tags: Picture of Product

There's some, but it'll be gone soon.


Tags: Picture of Product


03 January, 2011

What a start to the new year...

I CAME UP yesterday at Goodwill, tons of great new LPs for my collection:

The Temptations - Anthology (3-discs - In which I also found disc 1 of The Commodores Anthology)
The Best of The Doors
Miles Davis - A Tribute to Jack Johnson (boxer)
The Byrds - Untitled (2-disc)
The WHO - Quadrophenia (2-disc)
The Best of The Guess Who
The Eagles - Desperado
Don McClean - American Pie
David Rose and his orchestra play The Stripper (and other fun Songs for the family)


Cypress Hill - Ruff House

It's gonna be a good year...

13 September, 2010


I think that's what we'll call it.

It'll take some time and effort to save up for and find a retired cruiseliner, but in the end it will be so worth it. All of those elderly people on their last days will party until they can't party any longer, really go for broke, ya know?

I can't believe anybody hasn't already thought of creating a cruise line specifically for those on their death beds. I mean, when I'm that old, I'm gonna want to go out with a bang.

Sure, logistics, I know. We'll have to have an on-site morgue, and some pretty hefty medical staff/facilities, but those are only so you can keep the party going. This is gonna catch on, I swear. Especially the first-class rooms, I see trust funds and life savings really going to something of value and worth: heart-shaped beds and Krystal for days!