09 November, 2009

Life is so lifey.

A lot of happenings around here. Can't get into everything, but all is or will be well.

Work is going great and I do hope our work blog gets some hits, because it's worth taking a look at. http://brobee.blogspot.com just incase you forgot.

I need to make this blog a habit. It's pretty boring, I know, sorry.

I'll step up my game soon. I wish i could post more awesome photos that I get to take at work. Someday...

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artbeth67 said...

I have some pictures from a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party we were at yesterday that I would love to show you and maybe have posted on your blog!!! E-mail me at artbeth67@gmail.com if interested. Thanks and I hope to hear from you :)