14 September, 2009

I've never tried riding a unicycle...

...until today.

What a tough feat to accomplish. Dan Kelley makes it look so easy, I make it look probable, though can easily turn impossible.

So there I was. All set to go, bam. I hit the floor. That would only happen twice my whole series of tries.

I was able to almost get going a few times. My preference was that of the organic nature, no holding onto anything for me. Also, that'd make for more room to fall and a less likely chance of splitting my noggin open on a table's corner.

Go watch Point Break, RIP Swayze. I need to do some laundry and eat my lefties.

Whoa, tangent. Screw it, I'm ending this on that note. Priorities.


Oh yeah, congrats to the new Robles'!

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