03 June, 2008

Some random facts about my current life:

~ I've listened to See You Next Tuesday's album Parasite about 5 times between my drive home yesterday and drive to work today. Here's some black people dancing to it:

~ My band Dr. Holiday has a show on the 14th and we're just about ready for it. It's kind of exciting when we have great practices, even if we're hammered.

~ I got an hour cut and a pay raise all in one day. At first when my boss explained it to me I was nervous about it, but the more I heard, the more I liked the idea of it. I no longer have to drive in to work on Mondays and Fridays, I only have to work 4.5 hours from home (as opposed to my normal 7 hour day). So basically, I will be making $30 less each check +/-, but I can easily make those dollars up. If you need some graphic design done, let me know. If you want some web stuff done, I'll do it too. But I won't enjoy it.

~ Yosemite is one of the most amazing places I've ever seen. The 4 days we spent there will be unforgettable, not that I'd try to forget them. We hiked to Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, Mirror Lake, Vernal Falls and all over the meadows and forests. I've got plenty of photos and memories.

~ I witnessed a cracked-out fairy get change for a dollar, then leave the dollar on a toy dispenser. He disappeared into the nearby restroom for a bit, then left without the dollar. Up the block he creeped out a family, I laughed.

~ Falling Down is one of the greatest movies of all time.

~ I've started to sleep with my right arm stretched out completely, covering the other half of the bed. I don't know why, it might be a subconscious sign of loneliness. Come sleep with me.

~ Contrary to how that last one sounded, I am anything but lonely. I've been keeping very busy lately and I've got amazing friends to help.

~ There is no such thing as a Russian Werehound or a Northwestern Dil Terrier. Those are lies made up to protect Bear's species (75% Wolf + Giant Alaskan Malamute). I love that dog.

~ Psyllium was a great choice. Try it out.

~ Disregarding the one day I weighed 198, I can't seem to maintain pace to my target weight of 180. I'm floating around 200-202 now. I need to get back to the gym and hit that treadmill some more. Someone let me tack onto your gym membership.

~ Upon my brother Stevo's begging, I am no longer going to be purchasing the GIANT Trance X2. Instead I am interested in the TREK Fuel EX 8. Hopefully he can work out a good deal at his shop for me. I still haven't heard back from him.

~ I miss making out. Damn...

~Saturday I'm going to be jumping out of a plane. It's not a suicide attempt, I'm finally going skydiving. I can't wait. The whole thing was my last birthday present from Celina, she was nice enough to let me have it after the breakup. Otherwise I'd of fought for it.

~ I've been abusing cdscompletosdownload.blogspot.com/ a lot lately. Weezer's new album is better than the last 2 for sure.

~Gilbert's best friend/dog Tank passed away yesterday. He said to pour out a little liquor for him, so Opie and I split an 18 pack of Tecate. In honor of course. 11 was a good amount for me to be all stumbly this morning.

~ Being "in like" with someone is kinda fun. It's also kinda lame to put a title like that to it. I'm completely lame.

~ After I buy my bike, I need to get another iPod. This whole CD thing is getting really old.

So that's that. My current situation. It's got it's ups, it's downs, it's all arounds. I love life, so let's live.


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