28 April, 2008

So I recently turned a quarter century...

I don't think my birthday weekend could've been any better. First off the 18th landed on a Friday, perfect birthday day of the week in my opinion. I woke up feeling good, I hoped the rest of the day would follow in suit. Traffic moved swiftly, and I got to work on time. I was met by some coworkers that were freshly back from a convention in Acapulco. Mariana had a chocolate muffin in one hand. In the muffin there was no candle, instead it was a single match sticking out. We struck it and then they started with the singing, oh the singing. My boss rushed down the stairs to join in on the serenade. I always feel like the biggest fool when people are singing to me, do you? After that was said and done, my boss ran off to a meeting, but left his credit card behind. Lunch was on him, even if he couldn't be there. I did my normal routine of checking the various online communities I engage in, as well as my bank account. My tax return came in, SCORE! We worked for a few more minutes until another one of our coworkers came in. Nancy wasn't scheduled, but wanted to drop off a cheesecake for me, hell yes! Then she went on to say that there were police running around evacuating people from the area due to a sewage leak that occurred the previous day. Sure enough a police officer came to our door and said they'd be towing cars in the area. They didn't need to twist my arm any more, I told my workmates to meet up at Olamendi's for some margaritas and good food, and not to forget that credit card. Here it was; noon, and we were done with work, eating great food and having margaritas. Not a bad start to the birthday weekend if you ask me.

On my way home I figured I'd go visit 2 Wheels 1 Planet to start on a layaway plan for my bike. I drooled over it for a little, then got things started. I felt good that I was on my way to having it. Immediately I thought of all the ways I could get it paid off quickly. I should have that mindset more often. That GIANT Trance X2 will be mine!

I got home around 530, which his unheard of for a Friday. The night's plans were to have a nice big dinner at Johnny Rebs' in Orange, all my family was going to be there as well as a ton of good friends, I was excited. Celina came over, she looked good like usual, I jumped in her car and we headed off. Johnny Rebs' is the equivalent to waiting in line for a ride at Knott's Berry Farm. The makeup of the restaurant was like that of an old shanty, there was a projected cricket track and peanut shells on the ground. While the servers scrambled to get our table(s) ready, we grew in numbers inside of the small waiting area. Right as we were about to be too many in there, we got called in. I was happy to see a lady having a Mississippi Mud as we walked through, so immediately when I sat down I ordered one. We were all having a great time, there were peanut shells flying all over the place, drinks were flowing. David and Danielle snuck a little bottle of Jack Daniels in, along with a shot glass. I told him "Who needs a shot glass?" and continued to swig. Danielle said that she wanted to get a picture, I chugged, she counted to three really slowly. That turned out to be a bigger chug than I expected.

The night got a little fuzzy, I hardly touched my meal, I was just caught up in all the fun. Since we were twenty-something people all lined up in a giant row of tables, I bounced around to see everyone. All were having a good time, and I was happy for that. The food was good, the drinks were too. I left with the heaviest to-go box I've ever had, as well as a nice selection of beers from Robot. Thank you: Mom, Dad, David, Steve, Joe, CCR, AW, Mark, Talia, Tim, Kevin, Robot, Derek, Shawna, Adrie, Tom, Danielle, Paul, Brittany and even Gilbert + Nina (whom I was surprised that they were able to make it out). You all made it an amazing celebration.

I don't remember much of the ride towards home, but I do remember stopping at a liquor store and buying some Sailor Jerry. Once home, Jon came over, then Vince, so did Alicia and Christina. Not too many of the dinner crew headed over, but those that did had a good time from what the pictures told me. Adrie snapped away as Jon and Vince positioned a fake vagina to the Doll and molested me with it.

Still fully clothed and laying on top of the covers, I woke up the next morning having to piss like a racehorse. After taking care of business, I stood in the hallway wondering who was sleeping in my livingroom, I was still drunk so it took a minute or two. I got myself ready for the day; I had things to do and people to see! I was meeting David in Long Beach at Hawleywood's to get a proper haircut and hopefully a nice straight razor shave. I got to the shop, had a seat and soaked it all in. I was definitely feeling the after effects of the night before, my brain wasn't as sharp as it could be. David joined up and we waited for my turn. I got set up with Carlos, he was gonna make me look good. The cut went well minus getting rid of my beard (miscommunication, oops). He cleaned my kitchen with a straight razor after hitting my face with a hot towel, I got a neck massage via some crazy ass device, and hooked up real well with some Layrite Pomade. I looked sharp, there's no other word for it. David said was a little jealous.

After Hawleywood's, we set off to grab some food. David had the place in mind: Joe Jost's - a neighborhood bar full of retired firefighters, cops and whatnots. We had goblets full of goodness and a few Joe Jost's specials (polish sausage on rye with mustard, a pickle spear and cheese) and even played a few good games of Shuffleboard. David whooped me pretty good, he's had practice. Next on the agenda was something I'd heard mentioned the night before, but didn't take seriously... I was getting my nails done. We set off in search of a legit shop and ended up in Balboa. We walked in and David said "Give him the mani/pedi." I looked at him and said "Maybe just the manicure..." but it was too late. I got into the chair, soaked my sausages, got did up and pampered. I must say that it was really relaxing. There were some other customers in the shop, we conversed back and forth, I joked around about why I was there. It was a good time. A few hours had passed while hanging out with David, and eventually all our plans were accomplished, he dropped me off at my car and we parted ways. I called Jennifer while I was out there, but dialed a wrong number. So no going to the races for me, I headed home.

Celina was at a bridal shower, so I sat around the house alone and bored. I sent Vince a pix-message of me and my new cut; that encouraged an onslaught of man crush replies. He was just as happy about my cut as I was. Talk about an ego boost. In the midst of my boredom, I got a call from Jon. He wanted to take me out for dinner, sounded good to me. Celina called and I flashed over, she reminded me that I agreed to be hers all night, so I had to take a rain check on Jon's offer. She got back to my place, and we thought about what to do. We didn't really have plans, so we winged it. We decided to try out a sushi place here in Whittier that our friends had mentioned, then go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Once she got back, I was starving. We didn't waste any time, I jumped in her car and we headed towards Sushi From East. We took our seat at the sushi bar right in front of the owner Iwa. He was an older Japanese fellow who talked very low and indistinct, right up until he''d shout out a joke and laugh heartily about. The menu consisted of items we'd never seen before on any sushi house menu, some of the items that were a must try were: mushrooms + scallions baked in a creamy garlic butter (amazingly rich and tender), tacos Japonesas (lettuce wraps filled with softshell crab, avocado, crab meat, and spicy cause) and of course green muscles (prepared in garlic butter without the usual mayo sauce). On top of those items, the sushi was great. The tuna sashimi was fantastic and generously prepared. Iwa gave us the usual "See you tomorrow" as we headed out the door. We'll be back.

We made it to the movie theater just in time for one of the last showings. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a lot funnier than expected. At first I thought it would all be penis jokes and no story, but I soon found out it'd be full of both. Mila Kunis looked amazing throughout most of the movie, and I developed a never before heard of crush on her, but only as long as she's in Hawaii. After we left, we found out that Opie had been at the same theater watching the same movie, but at a slightly later showtime. He sent me a few Ms. Cleo-like text messages predicting what movie I was there for. He was dead on.

Sunday morning was full of sleep. But oddly enough, I felt like I'd overshot my weekend and was supposed to be at work. Everything had been so great, I didn't think I'd get another day of good times. Sure enough I did.

At the moment, I can't remember what happened, but I do know I had a great birthday weekend. Who knows? Maybe I'll remember and update this. Probably not though...

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