18 July, 2007

I think a first post should be very meaningful...

In conjunction with Professor Mike Miller

It's time for another grammar lesson.

There, Their, They're
Their = Possessive.
"That is their house."
There = Location.
"It is over there."
They're = conjunction: They are.
"They're not very bright."

Were, Where, Wear, We're
Were = once upon a time.
"Things are not what they were."
Where = Location.
"Where is your third grade diploma?"
Wear = to clothe.
"What are you going to wear?"
We're = conjunction: We are.
"We're going to fight soon."

It's, Its
It's = conjunction: It is.
"It's a real problem you haven't learned this already."
Its = Possessive.
"Do not play with its tail!"

To, Two, Too
To = suggestion of movement.
"Go to hell"
Two = The number 2.
"A two year old could follow this lesson."
Too = Also.
"There are too many of you."

Through, Threw
Through = in one side, out the other.
"This bullet shall pass through you.'
Threw = past tense of throwing something.
"Who threw out the first pitch?"

Meet, Meat
Meet = to come together.
"Let's meet at the movies."
Meat = Flesh of a mammal.
"Dog meat tastes like chicken."

Which, Witch
Which = One of a group.
"Which of you will learn something from this?"
Witch = an evil bitch.
"The wicked Witch was senselessly murdered by Dorothy."

Knew, New
Knew = Know, past tense.
"I already knew that."
New = Not old.
"I'm wearing new shoes."

Your, You're
Your = Implies possession/ownership.
"Is that your dog?"
You're = conjunction: You are.
"You're supposed to have committed this to memory."

Our, Hour, Are
Our = Collective possessors.
"That is none of our business!"
Hour = Where the little hand points.
"You have one hour to complete the exam."
Are = To be.
"You are cool."

Brake, Break
Brake = Used to slow momentum.
"If the light turns red, you'd better brake!"
Break = What glass does.
"Did you break wind?"

Board, Bored
Board = Piece of wood.
"Cut the board 6 feet long"
Bored = Experiencing a lack of fun.
"I'm bored, send me nudes."

Know, No
Know = Short for Knowledge.
"I know hwo to splel rtaher wll."
No = Opposite of Yes.
"No, you can't spell for shit."

Won't = conjunction: Will Not
Don't = conjunction: Do Not
I've = conjunction: I Have
You'd = conjunction: You Would, You Had
They'd = conjunction: They Would, They Had
I'd = conjunction: I Would, I Had, I Should
I'm = conjunction: I Am
IM - Acronym: Instant Message
We'd = conjunction: We Would, We Had, We Should
Can't = conjunction: Can not

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